Saturday, 27 July 2013

Show and Tell

Just a bit of show and tell of some things I made this weekend
Its DT(design team) work for the Imagination Factory in Ballarat.

This is in a frame and its very 3D

Here's another angle to give you abit if an idea

Then I whipped up some cards

So there's this weeks creative burst done!

Its all about temperature

I just had to share this , when it gets 'cold' up here (20 degrees ) the locals think they are freezing when I saw this I just burst out laughing -- they have a picture of a fire on the TV in the coffee shop!!!!

Wonder how much warmer they all feel with the 'fire' going!!!!!

What's your cauliflower colour??

what happened to good old white caulies????!!!

Purple, green & yellow obviously white isn't fashionable anymore!!

Jo sent me this photo of her caulie colour in Ballarat

For some reason ours are brighter/darker purple in Emerald
All our veggies sit in ice up here maybe that's what the difference is (that's ice in those white patches you can see)

Jo took a brave step she actually bought one and served it up!!!

Guess what ,it was a one hit wonder! Not happening again any time soon from the reports I got!!!

Friday, 19 July 2013

To market

Went to a great little market today, its a once a year event that raises money for young people with cancer.
It was super well organised and had lots of atmosphere

Packs of people which is always good!!!
So lets have a quick sqizz around, this lady did party packs all coordinated of course!

Who brings there dressing table???!!

She had a cool set up that table she's putting stuff on she sells for $250

These girls had a cool stand

And this is inside they had it set up cafe style

This is Allison next door to me she did amazing stuffed animals we actually knew each other as she rents a house from my work! And She's a podiatrist from Bendigo !!!! She's just moved up in January we had a great ol time nattering between selling her animals were incredibly popular

And this is me

Had my bags

A new product - made a couple denim pocket organisers to hang up

My rugs -15 in total this time

And this is 3 hrs later

Yep all gone!!!!!! I sold out!!
I know its totally awesome!! for some reason people love floor mats and they sell super well!! A successful day and so now the rug factory is back in production getting ready for next time!
Here's looking straight up from my site

The sun came out at the end which was good coz it was very very muggy and hot only 23 but humidity was high, yesterday we got to 28 I think our 'winter' if you could call it that is over!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

One Year Ago

One year ago today I drove Paul to tulla airport and he caught a plane to Emerald and there started a big change in our lives. I remember it was bitterly cold and wet driving back to Ballarat, he touched down in glorious sunshine. I started counting down the days till I'd see him again in 3 months time and I think that's the new stage if my life now -- counting down to when I see people!
A year on for Paul - he LOVES it here the weather is great and the lifestyle suits him too a tee and his health is the best it's been, it wasn't great before in Ballarat and has improved immensely since being here. He LOVES his job and he's found a real flare for logistics and thinking in spaces!! Paul's happy and well on his way to being a queenslander !!!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Extra bits

Im technically challenged when it comes to this posting blogs I thought I could use iPhone photos and camera photos to make a blog post --- someone cluely might be able to but I can't so I'm just going to give you a few snapshots from the iPhone now from the weekend in bush!
This was our little safari tent we hired for overnight accommodation

The amenities block

The local store frozen meat, icecreams, milk & wine all the things you need!!!

How cute is this

There's not alot of space! This is there home for the next 4 weeks as they head up to cape
Colour coordinated

This was up the top of the climb

Then we went to the moss gardens

Doesn't matter who's kid I always seem to get the dont take my photo look!!!'

Pulling out and heading to emerald

We went out to the dam

Picnic lunch and instead of ants we get parrots!!

Looking towards emerald its a flat ol country out this way!

Trace & I went for a bike ride down by the river

Then it was a belated birthday lunch

Checkout the desert, carmel cashew slice & burnt icecream!!!

Yummy!!! Actually VERY yummy!!

This was it, the end was near-they were all packed up & ready to pull out from emerald

Was I sad -you bet, did I cry-yep! Was I happy to have seen them- defiantly! So a real mix of emotions but we have some great memories stored up and I have 439 photos to scrapbook!!!