Sunday, 23 February 2014

Flood improvements

Dave asked if anything was happening around Emerald and there's not alot but they did carry out some improvements to help when it floods, but we aren't really sure how this helps!!
The pipes arrived

If you look closely you see all the workers sitting on the chairs watching! No matter when you go past there was an audience!

They put all these pipes under the railway

So the water can flow through out onto the main road, before the railway line acted like a dam wall to hold back the water, guess they didn't like that and now we have pipes! So Dave that's all that's new around town.

Little piece of London

Dave is enjoying London, when the sun comes out and no rain everyone gets out n about here's some snapshots of his trip to the city the other day.

Looks pretty cool! I don't get many words or descriptions from Dave so sorry can't give you locations but its not Emerald!!!!!!!

PL January

Its time for show n tell for our January PL pages! I love how we are all different and its soooo good to have completed pages!




Saturday, 1 February 2014

Project Life

Drum roll.....this is our first of monthly show n tells of our PL pages! We've talked about this for years, we've wanted to be doers of PL not just looking, admiring everyone else's efforts so we've decided 2014 is the year!!! And so we have a deadline and a goal, each month we are loading our pages on the blog. We are all different stages in our lives, we are all have different styles, but there's one thing we all have in common and that is we love family and we love scrapbooking and PL let's us showcase our love of both!!! So without further ado here's our title pages for 2014!





What a great start, love them all ! And if anyone wants to join in contact me and we'd love you go join us! Check out more pages on the last Sunday of every month, it'll be our regular blog spot to showcase PL.

Little bit Emerald

Dave is having a great time overseas but he's not loving the rainy cold weather!

And he's on my case to blog more about Emerald, do you think he might be missing home abit?? I'm like Dave its boring here but then something happened and I thought oh Dave you'd like that!!!

Emerald only movie theatre went DIGITAL!!!!!! We've moved into the modern era of movie watching!!! Before we could only get movies on the reel & not every film made was out on reel so we would miss out on latest movies. Also because there weren't a lot of movies to see the theatre wasn't open a lot!!!! But now they made the change!!! Its all very exciting Emerald has caught up with latest & greatest- now just have to work on the opening times!!!!!