Saturday, 20 April 2013

Stretching the computer skills

Our computer died in a big way which means I can't download and access my photos from my camera and phone which is very sad and left me wondering if I could perhaps blog from my iPad, but that would mean I have to take photos on my iPad then try to figure out how to get them into my blog! Now I know at this point my super smart geeky brother & probably my sons are shaking there heads and groaning but your not here to help so be quiet!! So i worked out I can down load a app for blogger to my ipad and that let's me access my phone photos too! I will not incriminate myself with telling you how long it took me to work that out but I'm here now and giving this a test run! And I picked a random photo of matts wedding to see if works so here goes!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

This is just for my little brother - he lives in America and misses Australia and so when I see a kookaburra I think of him. Out on my morning walk I happened upon a gathering of kookas!

Now can you get any more Australian a kooka on the letterbox and a parrot in the bush!  So there you go Ben I do think of you and not just when my computer doesn't work!!!!

Where have I been???

Lost in the land of no internet!  WE MOVED! and then had to get ourselves sorted with internet etc and things don't happen quickly in Emerald we are on a different time zone and so things progressed slowly but we are back in cyber world now and back to blogging I have been collecting stories and photos so even tho i haven't been here I have being doing my homework!!!!

The move......We left our old place where the horse lives and the palm trees

 our little room - see the aircon - that's the best part!!!!!!!!!!!

And the STOVE - Oh Man this is a gas stove - I've been cooking with electric for 25 years come to think of it my whole life we've never had a gas stove and you know how good I am at burning things with electricity can you imagine how I was with gas!!! It wasn't pretty!! and the burning process happened so much quicker!!!

So lets say I didn't cry saying good bye to this beast!!!!

We moved all the way across town to the north side (we were south of the hwy) and now we are on the northside!

Our Little flat

Kitchen has that retro look - its very authentic ,it really is that old nothing fake about it! Paul`s words were "you'd never match this laminex again its come out of the ark!!!"

Bathroom has been updated - phew!

I thought the outside would look cool with some chairs so I've been keeping my eye out
 I fell in love with the red chair, guess how much it is and yes by the fact its not sitting on my front veranda its a crazy price but just how crazy???  Well the red one is cheapest its $595!! The cane one is $617!!!  Totally insane crazy typical emerald pricing things cost an arm and leg coz they think we all have mining wages!!  But you gotta admit the red one would look perfect!!  hee hee Lets just say I'm still looking!!!!!

We also live incredibly close to my work so Ive just come out of the end of our street and you can see work off in the distance! not far to pedal!

So this is our little place at Emerald and we like it very very much! and if anyone writes this is where it would come to!!