Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Chair

Look what turned up for me all the way from Ballarat from Matt for Mother's Day!

I was rapt!

But..... I had my heart set on red, so with Matts permission I attacked it with spray paint in the middle of the driveway

And now I have the best red chair!!

Paul wanted his chair to be blue so that's what I was doing at the tip - looking for a chair for my man! I found one and it was blue! Score!!!! Also picked up a table - Grand total $15! Perfect set!

We enjoy lunching outside on our little patio

I wanted to take a photo of Paul on his chair and this is what I get

And I wonder where the kids get it from!!! But kids take note he also did give me a big smile!!!

And just wanted to show our sky today its just beautiful up here not hot not cold just glorious And I can sit on my red chair and enjoy it all !!

Ahhhhh winter in Emerald!!

Shoe boxes

Have you always wondered what you can do with those shoe boxes we have, you know the ones that are too nice to throw out?? Wonder no more!!!!!
Take one shoe box

Then cut a 'v'

Bend in half (score line helps!!) and using double sided tape stick together!!

Grab the lid (nothing is wasted)

This is going to make the ends measure height and cut, then using double sided tape attach

Now the fun bit - decorating!!!
Choose some washi tape

And trim box! You can do as much or as little as you like

It's really sturdy
Perfect to store photos waiting to be scrapped

Or cards and envelopes

Perfect on your desk

So there you are! You can go and buy a pair of shoes and make a little caddy for your desk too!!!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Slice of Creativity

Made a trio of cards- same design three different colour ways
First up the vintage/aged look

Then with colour

And I'm really enjoying working with natural with a touch of colour

The Tip Shop

Ok anyone who hates junk look away now!! A highlight in places to visit in emerald ,you can't leave town without popping into the tip! You just never know what you will find!!

It look like chaos but its all sorted theres bike lane

And need help with the lawn

Whipper snippers and mowers
Or do u need a bullbar?

Is cooling a problem??

And what about a flush?

Yep the tip shop has everything including the kitchen sink!

And what was I doing at the tip shop ?? Well that's another blog post for later!!!!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Grocery shopping

Paul always said the most excitement you have in emerald is doing the groceries on Sunday afternoon he likens it to going to dreamworld!!! I know he's a strange guy but I love him to bits! But he's got a point coz grocery shopping here is NOTHING like down home first thing is the hours they are open, 8am mon-fri and 9 on the weekend. Then close 7 or 8pm thru the week and 4 (yes thats correct 4pm) on the weekend!!! This is Coles I'm talking about! No ducking in early and forget going late!! And I was astounded they never changed hours for Christmas, no extra open hours, no it stayed exactly the same!!
And you know how that car park at Safeway at sebas is a pain to get a park well.......
Eat your heart out

Park wherever you want! And yes he does drive in circles and around the poles a few times and still can't decide where to park!!!

Clickety clack clickety clack

An Emerald heritage tour today- our only piece of history- the railway station was built in 1899 but it burnt down within the first year so mark two was built in 1900 and still here today

Sorry about the shadow its hard to get no cars in front as it is I'm standing in the middle of the highway!!!

There's not much here but a big open platform

Inside is lovely polished wooden floors all open air

A train driver on his learners that's abit of a worry!!

So there you go emerald train station and as we live closer to the line now you can here the clickety clack and the train whistle blow as you lay in bed at night its a nice sound tho some of the trains are incredibly long and I'm sure I drop off to sleep before the last carriage passes through town!!!

To market to market

I've talked about doing this for a long time - "I should do a market" well it was time to ditch the "should haves" and become "a done that" !!! So I set off early because nothing is organised up here its first in best spot!
So I took some rugs

And some bags

And some cards

My perch

And there I am already!

And you all want to know how I did?? Well all the bags came home but none of the rugs did!! So rugs were super popular and the cards everyone said they were lovely but didn't part with their money! But anyway I made all my setup costs (had to buy the tables and chair etc) and the site fee by 10:30 and then only took a tiny bit more before pack up but I was really happy for my first go and while I was sitting there I thought up lots more things to try!!!!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

A morning walk

I'm a morning person I love getting up early and heading outside. So before we moved over the railway line I took one last walk around the 'hood' so come check out emerald at 6am on the south side!

Can you see the dog at the top of the stairs? He has a mate and the two of them would fly down those steps at full flight launch at the fence barking the whole time, scared me the first time then I would just smile thinking right that's this half of the neighbourhood awake now!!!! Later I found out the dogs were called Samson & Delilah!

Past the concrete plant

This is looking straight down the road the concrete plant is on my left

First choice do I head on straight or turn down here, not turning today!! By the way its called Long street

There's a house amongst the palm trees

And this house works on less is best- 4 palm trees to be exact!!!!

Some people live in houses
And some live in sheds!

And here you go we've walked to the edge of emerald your looking west -next stop Longreach!!!

Just flat open nothingness, its funny living where there's no hills and locals talk about, it specially interesting when the kids go for their licence - bit hard to teach hill starts!!!!!
And here we are back home again - on the right behind the palms! Marie had the work van home, she does random drug testing at various mines.