Monday, 27 January 2014

Aussie Aussie Aussie

We live in an awesome country we have so much to be thankful for, its great to celebrate.....

Celebrating good friends & great times in this amazing country we call home!

Day trippers

Just a little trip this time we went up to Clermont (115km) north to check out and save you all the trouble of visiting there!!! Its definitely a country town with wide open streets and totally deserted

Complete with mine camps

The thing we noticed straight away was it was hilly! Lots of ups and downs and their parks are much prettier than emerald.

I love Australia Day and thought I'd see how many flags I could spot on our drive, cool number plate

The local pub

Great to see the flag flying!!!
We drove out to Theresa Creek Dam about 15km out of town

Its a cloudy day but that's perfect for driving - and its still hot so sorry no bright blue skies today
On the way back we checked out Copperfield Chimney

Now I LOVE history we wanted to know more ,something so big wasn't built for no reason so abit more driving and we found a plaque -source of info!
Here's a photo of it in its hayday

Copperfield was QLD first copper mine began in 1864 a total of 17,000 tons of refined copper in the 15yrs of operations.

This is the general store opened in 1869 by Howard smith, he died in 1921 and as his sons had died at Gallipoli and Mt Coolon the store was passed to his daughter
This is a peek inside

And this was a plaque on the outside

There were 2000 residents back in the day there were 370 dwellings, 2 banks, 3 butchers, 3 blacksmiths, 1 cordial maker, a newsagent and this is all that's left of the rich history of the town and the pioneers.
That's your history lesson for the weekend!!!
Home bound - wonder when photos will come with smell? because following this road train was on the nose!!!!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dave update

Dave is having a blast over seas
These are some shots round London

He went to Spain for the weekend

Then he went go Scotland

Then he went to Edinburgh where they have street party for over 80,000

And they had fireworks too

Happy Birthday Dave! 26 and celebrating overseas-that's one you'll remember!!!

He's having a great time despite the bitter cold he's never been a fan of chilly weather and its been snowing and just deep bone cold!

Speaking of cold a few snap shots from my brother who also had a cold and chilly holiday in Idaho

And this shot was a ripper he caught the eagle catching a fish!!! love it Ben - well caught!!!

So there's abit of overseas holiday and you didn't even have to leave your house!!!!