Saturday, 23 February 2013

More bags!

I know I have a thing with bag makeovers at the moment!  I was in the op shop and loved this skirt, its way to small but it got me thinking that I could recycle the fabric so I bought it $6 done deal.

Then I  attacked it

I cut a row off the bottom and used that to make the strap, I made another whole bag for the insert, crochet up some flowers for decoration and there you have it another bag!
Not bad for six bucks!! And it looks better as a bag than as a skirt!!!!!

9 to 5

Thought I'd show you around our work places seeing its what we do the most of up here!

Paul works at the new woolworths (safeway for the victorians reading this) they have literally plonked this new store in a paddock in the middle of nowhere, i think a report was made that the new growth area of Emerald would be out this way and so this is where the new store is, the population is yet to catch on to the idea!! But i must say its Emerald saving grace for retail therapy tho there isn't much least this little bit they do have is a bonanza to the town as people from outlaying areas come specially to shop here now that there is something to shop at! See talking about shops gets me side tracked!! 

Paul and you go, his view out his back door and that thing in the sky isn't a bird its a crop duster

Here comes one of several trucks for Paul to unload

There's 34 pallets waiting for Paul to unload off that b double

This is the control center - Paul's desk

 Now Paul is known for stacking as many pallets as he can on up to the roof and they are impressed by the neatness of his stack!  I think its all the leggo building as a child that has paid off!!!

Now Paul works up a big sweat unloading all these trucks and its thirsty work and he's become quite ingenious at working out ideas to keep his drinks cool, this is his first cool drink model

He collects ice from the deli section and pops it in the foam box and put his drinks in it, the ice would melt and Paul would have to carefully tip the water out but then came along the upgrade

this is way better and has a tap so can drink the ice when it melts!!!
How many drinks does he get through?? - oh about a trolly full!!!

and its all so much better if there's something yummy to enjoy with your drink! Paul's the last stop before the bin so if there's something that looks appealing and not to out of date taste testing is required! you aren't allowed to bring anything home it all must be consumed onsite and consumed it is!

Now for my place of work right in the center of town on a roundabout

And I'm still putting out signs on the footpath!  I remember putting out or bringing in the one at the Imagination Factory was always a challenge!  Not the sign - the WEATHER!  many a time I'd be soaked from doing that job but up here its not even a consideration!! Some mornings I smile to myself and I think of the girls down there in Victoria and I wonder if they're soaked and here I am squinting from the glare off the sign coz its so hot!!!! hee hee

Here I am in my spot - its deserted coz its Saturday and all the sales team is out selling. Paul popped in to say hi and said quick take a photo for the blog!!! thanks Paul.

I don't have pallets to stack but i do have keys and you know i can still go to this cupboard and find the keys you want are missing!!  I do smile coz it was the same at Mitsubishi you could never find the car keys now we can never find the house keys!!!!  I think they go where the socks go in the washing machine - a very special place!!!

 And last but not least  Dave the worker man, he says hes the hardest working one here!! We can really see that!!!  I'll save Daves work  for another post as theres so much to show and say!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lots have mentioned to me that they would like to see around Emerald and what life is like here on the edge of the outback so today is the first of the "cooks tour" otherwise known as Emerald through sues eyes!

Emerald is a town built at the crossways of two major highways (Gregory Hwy- runs north south & the Capricorn Hwy East West) and it has grown out from those four corners, two things run through the town, the train line and the river, so for today's tour lets go up river!

There are walking tracks along the edge of the river and are very popular with the locals. The water is this lovely shade of green and the only people I've seen swim in it are the local young people - there brains haven't formed yet!!!

The towns location to the river is close so when it floods there is no escape.

To get an idea here is the flood map of emerald in 2011.

As you can see there isn't much that isn't wet!
At work you are always asked by people looking for rentals they want a house that didn't flood,  I'm like what didn't flood in emerald!  About 1% of emerald was dry!

Its hard to get the idea of the depth of the water that has to come and do this to the town but 
I'm going to try to give you a visual these are the three bridges that lead to our town to the left is the railway bridge the middle is the old bridge and the right is the new bridge

the water goes over the old and new bridges!!  that's a mighty amount of water!!

So this is the top side there are those bridges underneath there!!

And this is in the supermarket its hard to see but above that tell us what you think sign is a silver plaque that says water level that was through the store

So there you have your Emerald river cruise! and the name of the river that runs through emerald? The Nogoa.

Got a little crafty yesterday and thought I'd share the latest creations.  All from the Echo Park for the Record 2 range of paper.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sunday 10th February, 2013

This morning we woke up to a horse in the back yard!!  Kat who lives upstairs has bought herself a horse!  The horse was supposed to live at the pony club at the end of our street but said horse got picked on and a random horse ate his flank so Kats horse is now in the back yard. 

Here he is checking out our laundry trough

I said to Paul do horses eat clothes off the line?  His answer was could be like a big goat and eat anything!!

And yes there is horse poo to dodge! So i guess we'll have nice rich short grass!

Saturday 9th February 2013

Found this bag at the op shop last week and thought it had possibilities, I was after something red but this might work as it was made of fabric and not your standard pretend leather.
It has possibilities so while wandering the aisle of the discount store I happened upon these
Now these gems (mobile phone covers who puts there mobile phones in something like this??!!) were only $2 and my brain is ticking these could be the red I need!

so with some scraps I dug around and found this is the end result - one bag make over!

Its all hand sewn and my fingers where very glad when I finished! I was pleased with the end result I'm already thinking of the next one!

Friday, 8 February 2013

This is it....first of many I hope!!  It was a goal to start a blog and the idea was alot easier than the doing!!!  I have grand ideas in my head but in reality its going to be basic seeing I'm not all computer minded!!!
Just a little hop back in time queensland copped a thumping with heavy rain that casued wide spread flooding, tho emerald wasn't effected by the actual down pour of rain the floods washed away the only bridge that was access to Emerald which meant we were cut off, no trucks could get through, no food deliveries, this is woolworths and what surprised me was even the mushrooms were gone!!!!!!  People must have been desperate!!

Milk is also rationed - when its here!!


Bread and Meat not seen for days! Macdonalds doesn't sell milkshakes and KFC you can only order 5 things off their menu they were caught with low stock. Its been a challenge but nothing compared to what others who have lost everything in the floods.  

Fast forward 2 weeks and food is slowly coming in now milk is still hard to get and sugar you can't get at all!!