Sunday, 15 December 2013

New wheels

We bought a ford territory!

Its daves old car, sold to us as he tells us, at 'mates rates'! Its perfect for Paul & all the k's he clocks up each week. We put new tyres on it & drive it far more sedately than its ever been driven so we'll get many more years out of it! Its great to sit up high after sitting low in the ol magna its a cool view! So speaking of Dave who's gone to Spain for the weekend but here's some shots from London
This looks cold and it really was! 3 degrees at 11am.

(I love the red buses!) and Dave looks like he fits right in!!

One year ago today

Man time flies!!! One year ago it was Matt & Amelia's wedding day

This is my favourite photo I took on the big day

And seeing I haven't done many pages in their wedding album I thought on their anniversary I should scrap at least one page!!
For those who want to know what papers, its basic grey serenade range (I'm doing the whole wedding with this range)

And today heres the happy couple!