Sunday, 29 September 2013

Random things

Family is a Big thing, I love my family and its the thing I miss the most, its the thing that will make me sad, make me laugh & make me cry, being so far away, so when my brother made a quick trip to Ballarat from America I really wanted to go & get a hug. Paul was fantastic and happily sent me off to catch up with the kids, Ben & Freddy, & my dad.

This is my brother, he got ALL the nerdy clever brain cells but he makes good use of them & does all this mind blowing brainy stuff I don't even begin to understand. but we even out as neither of us can spell for peanuts which is a shocker for having a school teacher as a mum!! We both love photography & we both came a long way get this shot but it was fabulous to see him so hopefully not so many years till next time !!!

And Totally loved seeing my friends, surprised the socks of everyone! Had the best weekend will live on the memories now for awhile.

So back in Emerald Its been HOT, 24 at 6 in the morning you know your in for a hot one!

That little lightning thunder symbol was our hope for some rain we spent the whole weekend

It looked like rain.......,Its soooooo muggy, my hair is frizzy, the frogs are barking. But we are still waiting! It hasn't rained here in Emerald since March its been a long wait and things are very dry & thirsty, this was in the newspaper

Chickpea dust is very flammable with high temperatures its not a good mix as this poor farmer loses his header.

People ask me is there things I miss not living in a big city?? And its the little things that come up that I go yeah Emerald really could do with....... And this week its ICECUBE trays!!! How hard can it be??!! Well obviously there is a high mortality rate of trays in Emerald (must be all that smashing on to kitchen benches) because only one place sells them and they are those big size blocks and we were after small little blocks(or round). Nope it's not going to happen so we'll keep having a smashing good time & keep our eyes peeled for ice cube trays!!!!!!

But look what we did find......

Cheese from the Great Ocean Emerald!!! We were so excited -- we bought two blocks! And its very yummy!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

All things 'ceee's

Just so happened today's posts all begin with C!

Lets Celebrate!!!
After five loooooooong weeks we have our laundry back!!
The machines have wandered around,there last spot was here

Now they are back were they belong!

Yep we know its not painted and I don't think it will be but we don't care its wonderful not to have to visit the laundromat the worst thing was scrounging up all the loose change !!!!!

So we are cheering & clapping and doing a bit of washing too !!!


The magazine is shutting down and with this news it brings alot of memories-for me CK was the very first mag I ever bought and was hooked! I just loved reading & following the lives of the regulars! And who remembers these??? I used to hang out every year to see who made it to the top of scrapbook world, I still have every edition!

And these two

Its amazing how far they have come since those early days.
Hasn't becky come a long way since sketches!

So its sad that CK isn't anymore as it has impacted every scrappers life I'd say but then I can see how the old read a magazine days have died with the Internet and blogs at our fingertips & so readily available and up to date where as mags are kinda old news before they even hit the shops!!! Now all the mags I still have will become collectors items!!!

The joys of living in Queensland

I hate them! I do wonder about the sanity of those who don't mind them ! at night you can hear them scuttle across the floor - yukko! We had to win the war against these rotten little pests so Paul bought this stuff that he sprays around the unit and outside, he calls it the death zone, and it works supa well and I only have dead cockies now!

Sometimes they're on the last throes of death and tho on their backs they wriggle there legs and feelers and I can just hear Sally going ewwwwww!!!!!

Now just so that image isn't burned forever in your brains heres a splash of COLOUR!

Love hibiscus they are such a happy flower !

And thats it for today so in the famous words of Sesame Street- today's blog is brought to you by the letter C!!!!!!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A little bit creative

After I typed the title I'm like that's clever sue the first thing your showing isn't creative, then i thought hang on a minute it kinda is.
So without any further waffle this has been THE highlight of all photos

My kids!! Dave flew to Ballarat for a quick trip for his friends wedding so our kids got together and sent there mother a photo! I was sooo excited to see the three of them all looking great, love these three to bits! (& I did have some part in their production so its kinda creative!!!??!????!!!!)

Good news is I got my sewing machine back from sick bay!!! I took it to the only fix it place in Emerald ,I was rapt there was even one here! Now you have to imagine a really old, bent over man who's been fixing machines forever (he's out of the ark I'm sure!!) and he's looking at me over his glasses pointing his finger at me telling me off for sewing thick things " I can tell you've been naughty" he said,I felt like I was at the head masters office (yes I did have a few of those visits in my day) & suitably told, so I decided to hang up my denim bag days as honestly I'm to scared to take my machine back if it breaks again!! But I'm not giving up bags I do have a thing for them
Here's my new bike/work bag
A long shoulder bag.

Then I wanted to try something different so here's my over shoulder smaller bag

Now I know when Trace (imagination factory) patiently sat with me and taught me the art of Copic colouring she didn't have this in mind!

See... I got to my shoes! They are supa comfy and the floral was nice but clashed with everything so now they are coloured ,its a subtle pattern and much more wearable!!!

I've also been working on my PL (project life) remember all the photo stuffing in sleeves well now I'm up to the fun bit decorating title and journaling in other words the fun bits

I'm working on the carnarvon gorge weekend and being bushy I went for neutrals with stamping and washi tape. I'm having fun , with 2 pages down only another 16 to go!!!