Sunday, 25 August 2013

Road Trip(s)

Guess where I'm heading.....

To emeralds one and only...

Just a shed with a roller door really I know your just busting to see inside

And why am I hanging out here? Because the owners of our flats decided to "fix" the laundry
This involved ripping up the pipes & gutting the old laundry

And here sit our washers

Hence the laundromat trips we are in our fourth week now and there doesn't seem to be any real sense of urgency to complete the job so I'm becoming the quite the laundromat queen - got the wash cycle down to 26 minutes flat!!!
Next road trip was ALOT further afield - from Emerald to the red A, why you ask? Kids!!! Well in this case one in particular

Dave lost steering control (tie rod snapped) while he was over taking a road train. (got his heart pumping abit apparently) he managed to get it off the road hitched a ride to Mackey and flew to brisbane for the weekend (as you do) So he organises racv to tow the car but they need us there with the spare key (he's got his in his pocket) but we are in a que of towing so we didn't get the call till after 5pm and then we head off

There's not alot out here but flat nothingness

That's not a truck ahead that's a mine

But these lights we are looking for- RACQ

Its hard to see but that wheel caused alot of hassles trying to get it onto the back of the tray

Spent quite abit of time, some phonecalls and couple of attempts but we get the car on the truck(just) so it was a very slow trip back into Middlemount


The RACQ guy was fantastic he was the high school teacher & bus driver in Capella & he was so good about moonlight job!

He said Dave was really lucky he never rolled the car, it could have been quite a different result, so we are all very thankful.
Heres the trusty rescue chariot! Still going strong

So that's our job done so we turn around and head home. Just abit about this town in the dark, Middlemount is a true mining town it was built by the mining company Anglo 30yrs ago they own 90% of the houses& there's just mine camp after mine camp. The town services 8 mines with hundreds of workers at each mine.
Here's German Creek - this is where Dave works

We drive past this on the way home

And this is German creek in daylight

And here is the reason we saw middlemount by night! worker man who's now walking and hitching rides till he gets the car fixed!!!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bits n Pieces

When all else fails there's always the weather to talk about!!! I know its rather chilly down south so if your struggling just think of us up here-here's our weeks forecast

See all those 32,31,30's???!! Hee hee you enjoy rugging up wont you!!!
What it also means is the pool is open this week - YAHEE! They closed for "winter" and now its open! its an outdoor pool just has a roof to keep the sun off but I enjoy doing some laps before work.
My wonderful man bought me a pressy and what I think is awesome is that he remembered I wanted a yellow pot to go with my red & blue chairs!

And if I don't kill it it will flower again next year for me!!
I've always had a little craft space to myself for the past 25yrs but since moving I've been "experimenting" with locations.
When the boys watch footy I hang out on the bed

Its a bit wobbly using the cuttlebug & I keep finding bits of paper stuck to the bedspread etc so not sure its the best place!
Yesterday I put 178 photos into 15 plastic divided pages ( project life style) (don't worry Ben the girls know what I'm talking about!!!)

So I went outside to spread out and do that job ( its just an old doona I dug out has cars all over it which I didn't think about at the time of photographing but I just needed something to keep photos out of the dirt!!)
And to scrap I've been standing at the kitchen bench which is the only flat surface besides the floor as there's not enough room in the flat for a table & chair

So here I am amongst the fruit and Daves coke glass collection from Maccas & the flowers are from my man coz he totally spoils me! So this is what I "cooked" up today

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Bash come to Emerald

A great way to start your day - with a variety bash! It started here in Emerald & heading to mission beach. So I was down to the start line bright and early at 6am to capture the big event all the photos are taken on my iPhone so you can have sues view of a variety bash!!

Now holding up the starting line arch is tried and true method -rope to the bullbar!

Cars might be running but the ol body needs a kick start so the coffee station was a favourite

The atmosphere was fun everyone was chatty and laughing it was great to see the cars up close here are some favs I won't bore you with them all!!
Here's one for you Sallyanne you sure you tiger & pooh haven't gone on an adventure ?!?!

Here you go all the blue brother fans

This was my favourite, it was the Beverly hillbillies

Lovely outfits to match

And I wish you could hear them coz they were playing the music and people were singing along

This car was noisy too they played all rock songs- loudly!

Surfing songs here

All reved up & nowhere to go

And Matt I'm sure you can tell me what sort of tanker this one is!

Media coverage

Bit of a worry if RACQ who's supposed to fix was in need of fixing!!

Then they were off!

While I was waiting I took some shots of work, we have new computer screens that change every few seconds

And they wanted to charge us $5000 to have our offices captured in the race!! We declined their offer as it is a bit hard to miss us on the starting line !!!

And here it was an hour later when I came to work - all gone you 'd never know there had been hundreds of cars and people !

And that was the bash!