Sunday, 10 March 2013

Its the bag lady! I know I'm having a real moment of making bags and you're probably thinking what do I do with them all well.......because I ride my bike the bags have to be floppy  so they fit in the basket and then things happen to my bags that cause destruction and so I need another one!! See, quite simple really so here's some more "recycled" bags I made this weekend.

First up my favourite fabric is denim and so I couldn't resist making a bag out of some old jeans, the handles are  cut off waist bands so they even have a natural curve!!

I found the belt at the op shop and I'm like...SCORE!  
Perfect finish for my bag I thought!

A lot of hand sewing once again but I found my thimble this time so it was much easier on the fingers!!

But wait there's more...........
I loved this strip skirt and thought here's another bag, this one was super quick to run up, just added a gusset in the bottom, some handles and whip up a tie and my trusty mobile phone covers had just the right shade of pink to finish off this bag!!

nice and simple but a happy bag - by the way this one matches my bike!!


Thought I'd give you a little tour of the local newspaper -our only newspaper. It only comes out twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays!  It has taken a while to get used to not having a read of the paper on a Saturday morning with my cuppa and toast, its not the same to read day old news with your brekky!!  We seem to have have a lot of road accidents up here and for the past 4 newspapers its been accidents which is rather a shame but very typical of living out here a lot of single car accidents.

But Ray White did win some top awards which is a HUGE feather in the companies cap.

The obituaries- a total of 3 this week! I think its because there aren't many old people here in emerald so not many to die!  No one retires to emerald, its a working town so people have a plan and purpose for being here, they stay there 5 years and move on, smart move!!


And this is bit I have the most trouble with - the junk mail! I love reading junk mail but I've never known anything like it as its always MALE related!!!!  Every single piece is targeted at men!!!! I didn't think guys read the junk mail!!!! No jewelery, no clothes, no shoes its all men`s stuff?!?! Who wants to buy a generator, or esky!?!

This was Fridays junk mail and the top left is for bundergerg rum - special editon - $104 per bottle but wait for it - LIMIT 30 per adult!!! I kid you not!  

And if you're wondering how the horse is going - he's making himself right at home!!!

He does have issues tho!  He LOVES to look at himself!!! His reflection in the sliding glass doors has him totally intrigued and spends ages checking himself out!!!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Remember two things run through emerald, the river and the railway line so today we go clickety clack clickety clack..
The railway bridge over the river
Now this is under the bridge and I know its faraway but there`s a reason - people are allowed to camp under the bridge for free and its often packed, but I didn't want to get up close and snap photos then make someone angry, so I walked away and snapped one, mind you I do wish I could show you the camping styles, like the people in the ford laser, it was packed to the rafters with chairs, table, cooking stove, tent it was a mighty set up for a little car, the station wagons that look like they'd cease working after 2kms, the utes that have stuff piled high, its really quite the unusual collection of people. They all sit around under the shade of the bridge coz its too hot in their tents but I guess the price is right so they make do.

 We cross this railway line everyday, this is looking west then I turn and look east.

and this is the reason, the life blood of this area COAL

 Its sent by train to the the coast where it is put on a ship and heads overseas, there are trains constantly going back and forth but since the floods washed the bridge out its ground things to a halt and the flow on affects a lot of people because if the coals not moving they don't have a job.
Its super hard to get the length of these trains its not like you get round a bend and wait or get up high its all just flat straight lines out here very boring, but the length of them goes on and on and on

and if you have to get the coal from one side to the other you just build the conveyor built over the highway!
This is nothing to do with coal but it is transport - of a different sort!!  A bridal party's mode of transport here in Emerald!

I was going to show you another bag makeover but I could just hear you all say "ANOTHER ONE"!!  
So I'll save the bag so what I did do was shock myself and I scrapped two pages! I haven't scrapped since I left the shop so its been a while but when Jo sent me this photo from their anniversary I just wanted to scrap it coz it's a normal photo of Darren! He's worse than a kid when trying to get a photo, I have him pulling funny faces mostly and Jo is always looking lovely so to see them both smiling and normal looking in the same photo is rare! Jo your always lovely and looking great in photos.           I just cant say the same for your man!!!

Then I was like "this is fun I'll do another page"

Do you recognize the paper ranges?? I did have to blow the dust of them and when I looked it up I'm like you have to be kidding, Stella Rose My Minds Eye - wait for it....Feb 2011 !!! I don't know what's worse, that I had paper that old and hadn't used it or that I didn't think it was that old?!?!?! and Jo's page I used Pink Paisley Butterfly Garden and its just as old they came out at the same time!!