Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bit of this, bit of that

Sometimes tears get in the way of blog posts, anniversaries can be happy some can be sad as they are times of remembering, its been one whole year & 4 days since I drove into Emerald and started my Queensland adventure. It is funny to think the things I thought were really odd when I got here I don't even blink an eye at now!!! I was going through my photos & thought to mark the date I'd do an anniversary scrap (that's where the tears come in)

This is a photo from my very last day at the best job I ever had in the whole world. And that's all I'm going to say coz blogs are for happy memories not tears so moving right along.
I was asked to a country evening in some private gardens and I thought that sounded like fun and so I went

And I left!! The music was really really bad and old and it wasn't fun but the gardens were good!!

If in Emerald and you want to sell your car you go up and park it on the highway!!!

You get your official sale papers

And you back your car in & leave and people just wander and look-- no sales people just a row of cars!

This ones been here for awhile its leaf collection gives that away!!!

Land cruiser for Matt

Palm trees for Sallyanne

And that's car sales Emerald style!

I had a creative moment and whipped up another bag!!!! A girl can never have too many!!!!

Someone did say it was bright and you know it never occurred to me that it was!!! Hee hee I just loved it!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Its getting hot

You can tell the weathers been hot & yukky there are no grey nomads!!!!
There is free camping down by the river and its extremely popular with the caravaners /camping crowd and normally its packed!!

Its between the two bridges

This guy had his bed on top of his flat top tray truck didn't look that uncomfortable wonder if the mozzies had a good feed???

But what astounds me,they choose to sleep right under the railway line!!

This isn't an unused track this has the coal trains lumbering past!!

Can you imagine a peaceful sleep with trains thundering over your head???!!! And they're not short trains they go on forever!

I often wonder if the train driver has a chuckle to himself as he blows the horn does he think hee hee woke those silly campers up!!!

They really are crazy these grey nomads!!

Say the word "free" & they flock here!!!

Now say "stinking hot" & no one is here. Took this photo today

Totally deserted - no campers! They won't be back now till the weather cools next year in march.
I put a quick page together for my album, Ive been busy doing PL pages so was a change of pace doing a normal page (& yes Ben its supposed to be crooked and the threads are meant to be there its an arty trend!!!)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Long weekend for queenslanders

Paul's been busy at work with a big sale on boxes of coke, its HUGE up here they've been stocking up for weeks then Paul had to hand move over 8 tons of coke by hand from back dock to the front of the store which is a top effort.

It took me a while to catch on but Emerald doesn't have box of softie sales as its a HUGE seller ALL year round up here so they don't have it on special. This is the first time since Paul's been here over a year that its been on sale so its the big chance for everyone from school tuck shops, mine camps etc to stock up!!!

Yee ha!!! The rodeo came to town!

To me this is country- generations from the land

This is the back of the rodeo and those white lights off in the distance- is the train rumbling past!

Bucking horses

Bucking bulls

Age has no barrier these kids "rode" poddys

And here they are receiving there awards - the little guy with the white hat - he won $50 for staying on the longest!!

To finish off the long weekend we headed out to the dam today its hot 38 degrees it got to today, so a dip in the dam is refreshing'
Its very dry out here

Driving over the spill way

This is looking back towards Emerald very flat & boring

The dam foreshore

Back to work tomorrow( back to aircon) it was very nice having a public holiday in October but don't worry southern state we don't get Melbourne cup!
And daylight saving has started!!!! So we are an hour behind!

Paul says you are now an hour ahead of normal!